Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What snow?

While everyone else has been moaning about the snow, or in some cases enjoying it, our trails have still been running! I know you probably don't believe me, no-one ever does. There is something strange about that place that makes it drain so well. Some of the lips are still crumbly and I even found some dust whilst digging last week. Made some more adjustments to the mains and the were all running super good at the weekend. Backlines been fun, working just how we always wanted it. I finally have that left hand hip to table!! :o)

Have been watching loads of Supercross on Motors TV lately, what a discovery that was. It's so good, I never get bored of watching it, it's impressive lap after lap. The triples they are jumping into tight bowls, it's just nuts! Chad Reed is just amazing, so smooth and stylish.

Well, only a few days to go till the French Roadtrip 2009...20 of us going this year, it's gonna be good. Can't wait I'm in dire need of some sun and warmer weather. Chack back in a couple of weeks for the lowdown!

Friday, February 06, 2009

DC to the NYC

Over the last month Lauren had been planning fellow blogger DC's surprise leaving party for the 31st January. He is moving to New York for a year, so it was to be NYC themed too. All went well until we decided to meet up with Lauren and check out Derby's new track on the way up. It was quite windy but the second straight was running good and I made use of the 3rd straight jumping it backwards. Ross went for the roller to middle of the double gap on the 2nd straight, a good attempt, but he had to press the eject button and somehow stayed on his feet. Big props for giving it a shot! Anyway, we had been there a few hours and were just winding up to get moving, when we heard Dan was on his way over... actually he had just arrived! Lauren was still there too and had told Dan she had gone home. Dan seemed a little upset that so many people were having a great session there and we hadn't told him, especially with him leaving so soon. We said our pretend goodbyes and continued up to Al's house where we warmed up with a cup of tea and fish and chips. Thanks Al for letting us stay!

Ross got into his hip hop style and Scoob and I had prepared ghost busting packs with hoover hose and carboard boxes. We had taken the NYC theme a lttle more loosely than intended! Still we turned up expecting lots of gangstas and no one had bothered! Boo! Shame on you. We didn't care... we had guns that fired silly string hehe.

Dan turned up to a big cheer and I don't think he knew what was going on to begin with. When he realised he looked a little overcome with emotion, good job he hadn't had an emotional coffe as well. I think all was forgiven for not telling him we were at Derby. There were so many of his family and friends turned up, many from the race scene, it was a bit like a winter drinking national! Dialled Mike and Paddy were in the corner with the biggest colour chart I've ever seen trying to decide on a colour for this years frames. I think whichever was chosen may look rather different in daylight with less booze... who knows what they will turn out like!

It was a great night which pretty much ended with Dan and boota wiping out the dancefloor and getting thrown out! Still, much fun had been had by then and it was late enough to hit the sack in my book.

Sunday morning we woke up keen to go ride bolehills. It started to snow just as we left, it didn't stop us though! We biked up there and found BF, Steve Taylor, Ivesy, Terry etc all already there and keen. It was snowy, cold and windy as hell, but the ground was frozen nice and solid at least! The wind was going the wrong way really, so we decided to call it a day and get on the journey home.

Nice one Lauren for organising the party and also for sorting out such a good track at Derby. Dan, good luck buddy, hope you have an awesome time!! You'll be sorely missed in France though! :o( Bon Voyage.

Photo Rich Baybutt

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