Thursday, September 18, 2008


Bit of a late update, it's been a rough start to the week. On the plus side it has made me so grateful of my little bike, it's ability to make things seem better and all the friends it brings with it. Tim I won't take the pee out of your special friends speech again, you speak the truth! ;o) Thanks guys you know who you are x

Anyway, Coppull! It's a long time since I have been to Coppull and I don't have great memories of it to be honest, I don't think I won there too often and it always seemed to rain or be freezing cold. This year wasn't looking too promising after driving for 6 hours through the peeing rain. We got there on friday evening and luckily it didn't seem to have been raining so much up there so we got a few gates in. The track was riding fast and smooth and I was really enjoying it.

I was racing 19+ men this weekend and with the low numbers I expected just the top contenders to turn out. But whoever was there it wasn't going to be easy. I was getting good gates all weekend and snapping a lot of people but I should have shut them down before they powered past me! I was feeling a little scared to begin with banging elbows down that first straight, your going pretty fast as it's a big, steep start hill for a regular track. It's the closest I'll get to supercross racing in the uk anyway! I missed out on the A final by one point, but won the B final.

On sunday not only was it dry and not windy but the sun shone all day too I couldn't believe it. I was getting more confident in the pack with those big guys by now, I had some good motos getting a 3rd in the last one which I was pleased with. Unfortunately again I finished 9th in the points table just missing out by one place on the A final again! Doh! Oh well. B final was a bit tougher today I got a bit shut down and got second, but a good weekend over all I really enjoyed it, thanks coppull.

A bit off topic, but if you like stupid comedy or Will Ferrell, or both - go see Step Brothers I didn't stop laughing the whole way through!! Saw this on Family Guy last night too, it cracked me up,

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More Murray Jam

Here's a vid from the weekend from Mpora.

More BMX Videos >>

Oh and Scooby spotted this in the Marrs Bar at the after party on Sat night....too right!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Murray Jam

Last Saturday I headed to Worcester with Tucker, Ross and Scoob for the 2008 Murray Jam. We weren't sure how much we would end up riding what with the amount of people going and the intimidation factor, but it sounded like fun anyway and for a great cause.

We got there about 12.30 and it was already heaving, the queue to ride was right back to the ramps. We all got straight on it while everyone else was getting used to the jumps aswell. The queue was quite long but you got to watch some amazing riding while standing in the queue. Martin Murray and the Fortes where so good to watch on the hipped lines, so flowy! I started with the roller line to warm up as doing one jump and queing up again made it difficult to get into things! After a couple of goes on that I switched to the 'farmers line' which starts with a triple. After a few goes I started to relax a little and enjoy it. Meanwhile Ross was trying every line possible.

It was great catch up with some ex-race people I haven't seen in a long time, like the Murray's, Scott Edgeworth, Toby Forte to name a few. It was a great day for a great cause, over £6000 was raised for the Stephen Murray Family Fund! Thanks so much to the Aliano's for letting everyone take over their backyard for the day and everyone else who organised the event.

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