Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rausch Magazine

If you happen to be in Germany, pick up a copy of Rausch Magazine where I have a feature this month! It's a real high quality printed magazine about girls and all kinds of action sports. Here's the pics in case you don't make it to germany! ;o)

Went over to Ipswich last night for some gate practice, rocking my Team Japan shirt that everones jealous of! ha. Used to go to Ipswich a lot a few years back. Tracks still the same, but still good, it was a good session. It's always windy there but it was going the right way! Tricker was present nursing his broken collarbone which has come out in some really nasty bruising... and the mangler was present avec new carbon forks!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jumps, backflips and big wheels

This weekend I made the trip down to the South coast to visit some friends and ride some trails! It was one of the best days riding I've had in ages, the sun was shining, the trails were running good, loads of people showed up and some crazy stuff went off!!

First up me, Davey B and Benji rode some small local trails. Theres not much, just 4 sets riding and nothing very crazy! The last set we had to make rideable with a cardboard box in the bowl as it was a a bit soggy but it seemed to do the trick! They were so simple but so much fun was had we ended up riding them forat least a couple of hours. Ben started busting out the moves, over x-ups, no footers, tobbogans... and dave after not riding much at all lately pulled out a suicide no troubles.

ABOVE: Benji
BELOW: Scott W

We hit some bigger trails later on a little further a field, no one seems to have dug there for years but they seem to hold up quite well. The first section is really tight and also curves to the right around some bushes and into a tight berm. It caught me out first go as I didn't check it out properly and headed a bit too straight of the lip and straight over the bars doh! No probs after that though but I had to concentrate everytime! We got most lines were running and Scott decided to go for the big line, racering the high step up and boosting the last set. A guy called Ashley turned up and ripped the place up, he and ben started pushing each other to do different limbless tricks, getting on like they'd know each other for years, I am sure they are brothers! They both had a go at pulling a 360, with Ashley landing a few really good ones. Ben then stepped it up a little...I was stood right next to the jump and when I least expected it he went for his first ever backflip attempt on dirt! He got a good rotation but didn't make too much distance, his front wheel stopping dead on the backside of the landing. He was straight up though and had another few attempts, taking some nasty falls in the process! Props Ben, your crazy and pure entertainment!!

On sunday I headed north towards home but detoured to Chicksands for the NPS 4X race, sapping the BMX for the big wheels. This was my first race on my new Flow Myth frame and I was loving it, it was so light and fast. Scott towed me in on the inside triple line in practice, I was pleased to be getting it smooth after a few goes. In gate practice I struggled a bit to begin with, wondering why I wasn't going anywhere... then I realised I had to go much later on the gate than in BMX, I was just hitting it and my suspension was soaking it up!

ABOVE & BELOW: Joey, racing and trails-ing
I entered senior men, and didn't get off to a good start, I had gate one and got completely cut off intot he first turn I had to stop pedalling and ended up 4th. I think the guy next to me got warned for lane crossing? but not a lot of good to me anyway! In the second moto I was leading right down to the 180 berm when a guy swooped for me taking out my front wheel... I nearly fell off and slipped back to 3rd, things weren't going so great and I felt like I had a target on my back today! In the last to motos I got two 2nds with no mishaps, but the first to races cost me and it wasn't enough to go through. I consoled myself with some trails riding!

James Goodwin was on fire and went on to take the win in seniors, Scott Beaumont won Elite and Suzanne Lacey won the girls, getting better all the time and she's smoothing the triple on the outside now too! Awesome.

More trails photos here:
and here:

Sunday, June 08, 2008


I'm on a bit of a wind down after the worlds this week and went for a play at chicksands. It's the first time I have ridden the new lower section on the 4X, I'm no lover of flat corners but it's alright its got a berm to catch ya! Triples were running fast on the outside, I had a go at the lot on the inside line too but it was tough as the double before it has been built up again. The Pro line over on the trails was running super good, looks like it's finally settled in now people are riding it more.

Chicksands are hosting Round 3 of the NPS 4X series next weekend, june 15th, always a great atmosphere, check it out!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

China Worlds

Well I have just got back from China for the 2008 BMX Worlds. What a trip!

After 2 x 7 hour flights and a short hop from bejing to taiyuan we arrived in one of the worlds most polluted cities. You really can't believe it til you see it. The first day I thought I was in a film and the World was going to end! You could see for no more than a few hundred metres, you could tell the sun was out but clouded by the smog. The city is surrounded by mountains but most days you can't see them.

It seemed a bizarre setting for a World's and the numbers were low in the younger classes. Junior and elite were however in full effect and the track which had been 'Tom Ritzed' looked solid, smooth and technical.

Practice went well but the wind played havoc, firstly a major head wind for the first straight and then turning a little more sideways just as everyone was moving onto trying the 3rd straight. Nice. The weather was hot and water after every lap was essential as the polluted air dried you throat out in no time.

We generally tried to keep out of the pollution, so didn't see too much of china during the week, though the things we did see were pretty crazy... the traffic was so disorganised there seemed to be no real rules and that goes for cars, cyclists and pedestrians. Horns were being honked constantly but somehow we never saw one accident. The beggars were persistant, trying to prevent you getting in cars and still tapping on the window as you drove off. We also saw many disabled people who do not get any help, and struggle to get themselves about with make-do equipment, it was quite sad to see.

On Friday the 20inch challnge classes went off, which we were able to watch from the comfort of our appartment thanks to a local TV channel covering the race! Dale Holmes picked up a World 1 in masters and Flemdog just got pipped into second in 30+, though the crusier W1 is what he really came for, which he took with ease on the sunday.

Saturday was Elite Race day. It turned out to be the hottest day yet and the stands were full. The wind was strong and all over the place just to add to the fun!! I was feeling good in the motos, getting good starts but losing out due to having an outside line. In the first race I clipped out whilst in 2nd and finished 3rd, with another 3rd in the second moto. In the 3rd moto your lap time decides what gate pick you have in the next round. I was in second, but I was catching Jill Kintner on the 3rd straight, I carried more speed and passed her on the last straight. This meant I got second pick for the quarters.

My quarter was pretty tight. Only one big hitter, but the other spots were going to be closely faught. I didn't gate briliantly butcaught up again and the inside line saw me into 3rd in the 1st turn. As I hit the next straight the wind blew me sideways and I left the door open for Hayashi to push me into 4th. Into the third straight the riders behind me were all over me, I got stuck on the outside of Hayashi who drifted wide and left the door open for Sorenson to pass both of us! Coming out the last turn, luckily I still had enough left in the tank to pip hayashi on the line and go through!

The semi was always going to be tough and I was left with an outside gate. I had been gating pretty well all week, but a bit slow off the mark this time and I got shut down straight away. There was no way back for me from there, but although annoyed at not doing better in the semi I was pleased to make the top 16 in the World in my first World Champs since 2001!

After the race we hit up the after party, did some podium dancing and struggled to order warm beers in chinese. What started of a strange week turned out to be a pretty good Worlds, but I don't think I'll be going back in a hurry.

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