Friday, May 16, 2008

World Cup Supercross and Braintree Club Night!

Haven't been on the net for a few days, but the supercross in copenhagen did happen on the sunday after all! All they had to do was say the race was going ahead and the riders would show for sure...

So no qualifying, straight into motos. It was tough being a world cup so I was really pleased to qualify qith a 4th 3rd 3rd. My starts weren't the best, it was certainly a new experience being shut off on that start hill! but I pulled a few moves in the turns and passed on the straights a couple of times. In the semi I had an outside draw, gate 7. I got an ok start but could not get accross, so when I hit the first berm I was about 6th and still in with a chance, but everyone came underneath me and I ended up headed straight for the mens section! The semi's also seemed to be a bit unfairly drawn with all 4 qualifiers from my semi making top 5 in the final. Oh well thats the way it goes.

The wednesday night after I got back I went to the opposite end of the scale, heading down to Braintrees club night race. I gotta say I was amazed when I turned up, 50 riders entered, a pa system going, food, toilets, shops... it was a really fun atmosphere I've not been to a club night like that since the 80's. Well done braintree. I just went for some practice really but entered the race for some more gate and first straight practice and kinda chilled after that. The new track rode good and I finished 4th.

It was pretty dark by the time I was done but a few people were still riding so I took a few snas for the album before heading off home. I'nm off to manchester for a week now until I leave for the Worlds in China next sunday, so the updates may be a bit slow!

More Braintree photos here

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Supercross Copengagen

Practice has been cancelled today as the tracks not finished. But it looks good for tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bank Holiday BMX

Finally summer is here!

I was at home this weekend due to giving the euros a miss in preparation for the SX in germany. With it being a bank holiday monday I didn't have to ride alone today, can always count on the HH crew to get the riding in! 2 spots on the agenda, first to snape to have a mess about on the trails, Ross was hitting up the new line and going SUPER high pulling sweet tables while he was up there. Also thanks to Ross for taking some photos.

After that we headed to Ipswich track to get our race on, it's a long time since I've been there, I was a regular a few years back! Nothing changes it's still damn windy, but the wind was behind you on the second straight so the doubles were feeling small today. Ross was looking local, Jay was popping the 3rd straight backwards, jonny skied the first doubles in a major head wind and steve manualed all of the last straight.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Braintree BMX

It must be something like 8 years since I last visited Braintree BMX Track. I never really liked it before, but in the last month they have been doing a lot of work to the track. I headed over on Friday night with the HH crew and we had a hell of a session! The 3rd and 4th straights were riding great, wether you jumped or manualed, fast or slow, really good fun.

After I had sufficiently tired myself out I took a few snaps in the sunset...

MX Champs

I had a chill day today, and as luck would have it the MX British Championships was happening just down the road from me in Lyng. i've never been to watch an MX race before it was pretty nuts, loved watching the start it's so crazy how they all go balls out into the bottle neck first corner. I took a few pics check them out, theres more here on my flickr page.

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