Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Girls BMX

Noticed how many girls are racing in the UK these days?!

It's looking good, 17 riders in one of the younger classes! Blimey... there was only 3 in my class a lot of time I was growing up :0 (

Oh and I hear Alans BMX team rider Charlotte Green is jumping like a loon! awesome stuff, keep it up.

We had a BBQ at the trails yesterday. Now that's what I call flame grilled...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Making your mind up

At the weekend I headed up to Sheffield for a day, got to ride the new and improved Rotherham track without the nasty cross wind there was last time I went. It was pretty fun, I like it all except the first straight! I'll post a vid later. Bailey and Fos turned up and were heading over to Brampton to check out the new play track over there, so I tagged along. After a 10min drive that turned into a 50min drive going round in circles, we finally arrived to see the place swarming with kids. It's great that it has that sort of impact on the locals. We had heared mixed reviews of the place but if you remember it's a play track and you do exactly that - play on it, then you'll have fun. I get excited about anywhere new to ride anyway. Half the track had short tall jumps, pretty good for learners as they are small jumps with more of a big jump feel to them. There was one longer jump, not that long, but it was quite tough as there was a big head wind and it was a fair bit longer than the jumps before it. Took me a few goes to pump enough to get over it as a bit more like trails style than race, so I wanted to do it without cranking inbetween. I got it good in the end, racering the first few and having fun boosting the last set. I'm sure you can boost them all without the head wind! The last two straights have several sets of lower doubles and a small rhythm.

Managed to get a day at the trails as well, but I broke my headset and had to steal Stu's longer cromo dialled. The trails were running super quick and I have to say the heavier bike felt lovely on the trails. I absolutely love my ti bike at the tracks and racing, but a bit of weight does feel nice at the trails. Maybe I should just eat some pies before hand. Anyway, I should have my new trails bike ready soon, an old Standard 125R (until Mike does another 21" Dialled cromo!), Steve put the BB in for me yesterday. Talking of Steve, he has a habit of building stupidly difficult lines at the trails, like putting a big peaky roller to pick up for right before a big hip, and then getting angry that he can't do it. (We don't even try). Check the video! haha.

Monday, August 13, 2007

GYPO trails jam

Last week I headed up north a bit to hit up the GYPO trails jam. It's a cool place, it's really open so theres lots of riders go, I guess this way it kind of polices itself. There is a fun kiddies section to warm up on, lots of small jumps and berms, you can go round and round and round...without stopping! The mains were fun, mostly straight, quite short and steep. Not the sort of jumps I am used to but judge Mardy Williams said I was going high enough and slow enough, so I can't have been doing too bad. My favourite bit was a line not many seemed to be riding, but it looked good to me... a right hip into a berm then a transfer accross the next jump to the far right into another small berm, I loved it, great fun. The locals were hitting the first set up jumps faster and using all their speed to go sky high from there on. There was some really good riders, some nice tables, turndowns, 360's and even a flip mid section.

A good crowd of racers went along, Lee Bromfield left his clipped in kook image at home and ripped it up! Dan Clifford loving riding his bike as always. Tuffy boosting everything as normal. Fos had a massive grin when he got through the mains for the first time, then an even bigger one when son Dylan smoothed his way through on his skinny wheeled race bike. The kids rad!

Right at the end of the day, I over shot a set and had to jump off my bike. It launched off the next take off about 20ft high and landed right on the front wheel onto the rock hard trails..... no frame was going to stand a chance of surving that, sure enough I creased the down tube, so that was the end of my day and the end of my cromo dialled! I'll be riding a standard at the trails til Mike gets some frames in my size, as I don't want to do that to my ti race bike.

A few days later Shanaze and myself headed out to the UCI centre for a couple of days. The dutch team were also there and they allowed us to ride with them which was cool. We were way more confident on the 10m start hill this time, pedalling hard all the way down. I managed jump the 3rd straight pro section again, though it was bigger than I remembered!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Trails and fun tracks!

Lots of trails action over the last couple of weeks since I've been home. They've been running real good, they often get too dry in summer but the excessive rain has seen to that. It's also meant we have still been able to dig a bit too which is nice. Although since building the new hip lip at the weekend it's not rained so I don't think that one will last! We are pretty lucky as a lot of trails have been underwater so far this year.

Got a bit of a gap from racing for a while, next up will be Fort William 4X World Champs. I might actually try and ride a mountain bike before then....bit pointless in Norfolk though. I've switched back to a hardtail for racing, cause I can just jump on it when I've been riding BMX all the time and feel right at home. Full sussers have quite a different feel...I go to pump of a lip like I do on a bmx and the suspension sucks all my efforts away! Saying that though maybe it's a good thing to keep me on the ground instead of wasting time in the air boosting it in a race!

The play track in Pilling Park, Norwich has recently had a face lift. It has 4 straights instead of 3 now and all the jumps have been re-done. It's only small but good fun, great for the local kids to get their jumping skills up and great for me to practice pick up manuals and stuff. There are some really rad local kids there, some not even on a suitable bike, but they are jumping stuff and whipping out with style. Real naturals.... they know who they are! Hope they stick with it and progress to the main Norwich track and race someday. 2 of the said rad kids >>>>>>

I've been getting back in the gym this week, but it's not all hard work, cause they have a heated outdoor pool so I've been chilling by that trying to get rid of my farmers tan!! And when I say heated, I don't mean they just took the chill of the water, it is actually like a bath.....not to mention the outdoor hot tub! God I love going to the gym!

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