Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wisley Photos

Gareth Howell sent me a few photos from Sunday. Thanks Gareth! Check out more of his photos from the day at




.....and here are a couple of shots I took on my phone!



Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How good was the weather at the weekend?! I took full advantage of it and sessioned several sets of trails in the sunshine with some great people. Not much to write about that, except I had the best time! Big thanks to the guys who let us ride their trails. Heres a short video of the weekend...

Monday, April 02, 2007

NPS 4X Round 2 - Chicksands

What a great race. The sun was shining, the track was riding really good, loads of riders and spectators, a great atmosphere.

Saturday was the first Supercross race. The lure of the dirt jumps was too much for me and Steve though and we played on the jumps while the qualifying runs were happening. We hit up the new bigger line which was pretty fun, the second set throws you into orbit! Steve learnt tire grabs in about 5mins at the age of 37 and three quarters. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?! ha.

We headed over to the track to watch the racing. The field was mainly made up of Pro's and fast amatuers. Junior rider Tom Dowie had put in an excellent qualifying run - 3rd fastest. Hopefully Tom will get to some World Cups this year. Dialled Bikes' Junior rider James Goodwin rode brilliantly, narrowly missing out on the final 4, but getting 6th overall. Masters rider Darren Howarth took 5th. In the end though it was an all Pro final, with Scott Beaumont getting the win.

Sunday was the 2nd Round of the NPS 4X. Racing the senior men again, I'd had a good start at sheffield and hoped I could do the same here! I was riding well and enjoying the track, clearing the triple on the inside line by the end of practice, something I've not done before. My first moto was a nightmare, more like a final line up! After a bad start though I got a 2nd, and two 1sts to make the quarter finals.

The quarters are always tough, anything can happen in the knock out rounds. I got a good gate from the outside and was in second, it was close all the way down but I held my line in the last corner to go through. In the semi I gated pretty even with the other riders and the guy next to me decided to go for the inside line in the first corner leaving me to rail the outside. When we hit the step up it was really close, the other guys had the edge on me and jumped accross ready for the next corner, there was a clash of bikes and I was thrown off balance in the air, when I landed I hit the deck and slid to the next jump. Nice. Here's a video of the crash!:

I got up straight away with only a few minor injuries! I raced the consolation final but it was a bit quick to recover from my crash, I wasn't really feeling it and cruised down for 8th overall. Still, I was really chuffed, two top 8's so far in the series. In Pro, Scott Beaumont continued to look super quick this year, taking the win. I look forward to seeing him on the World Cup circuit this year as he really looks like he's on top form. Dan Yeomans was looking fast and smooth all day, and he always looks like he's having fun! A well deserved 2nd. Dialled Bikes' Steve Taylor made his second final of the the year, taking 3rd.

Steve and me were there for the weekend but on Sunday a bunch of our friends came to watch the racing which was cool and we had a chilled out session on the dirt jumps after the racing had finished.... heres a few clips I put together:

Thanks to Mat Wilson for the top photo, you can check out more of his photos and reports from the race here

....and thanks to Joolze Dymond for the other race photos. Check out more of her photos from the race here

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