Monday, March 19, 2007

Video experiment

I set the video camera up on a tripod the other day and left it running while we sessioned the main's the edited result.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

More Trails Riding

Track has been kinda windy lately but right behind you for the third straight.... even if you make a mistake the wind will pretty much carry you through the last set! The odd sideways gust is enough to throw you off course though. Needless to say we've been hitting up the trails again, main line was in full effect today with 5 of us sessioning it and scooby even pulling off some crazy transfers, even though he scared himself silly doing it!

Here's a vid from about 2 years ago of Steve trying to keep a little too low on a tiny set. Scoob makes a cameo appearance looking like he just walked in off the trailer park...... he was sporting a titanium rod in his broken leg at the time! Thanks for the footage Ben...

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Looks like I'll be in MBUK next month....check it out!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend at Home

Video from yesterday of my progress through the main line...and my grin at the end ha ha!

After weeks of travelling and bad weather, I finally got to hit the trails again this weekend.

Yesterday was the most fun day of riding since the french trip. I headed to the track for a few gates, the sun was out so this was the first big sunday turnout of the year. It was good to see some of the local guys who have not been riding long making huge progress since last time I saw them, there is some real potential there, watch out for the new generation of Norwich Flyers tearing up the nationals in the next few years! As long as they don't get bored and sell there bikes for escorts with halfords spoilers that is.

The Hardcore Hobbies crew made the trip over from Bury, it's always a good day when they come over. After sessioning the track in the wind, we all headed to the trails. We rode the smaller tech line for a while and the HH crew decided we needed maps, or sign posts... or colour co-ordinated lines for non-locals to find their way through! Jay worked it out after pacing out the first couple of jumps and after that was looking rad, should have had that step up though! It was yours Millsy! You better come back next weekend!

When we were warmed up a bit we moved on to the mains. They haven't been running very long as they've been changed so many times. In no time Scoob was showing us the way through, smoothing right through the line with ease. I had only jumped the 3rd set the previous day, but I was really getting the hang of these now and before I had too much time to think about it I jumed through to the end of the line. I think it was the confidence I gained riding those big track jumps in France! It was so much fun, I couldn't stop smiling... roll on next weekend!

Monday, March 05, 2007

NPS 4X Round 1 - Sheffield

Is it that time of year again already?

The NPS 4X series 2007 kicked off this weekend at the indoor track at Sheffield....

Sunday morning and the first thing that struck me was my gates- they were consistently spot on! I know if Stoby and Uncle Buck are reading this they will not believe it, the only consistancy I've ever had out of my gates before now is consistantly bad!! haha.

After a good start to the day, things went a bit wrong, with my chain snapping in practice. After Steve the pirate helped me sort out a new one (thanks Steve), I lost my gloves, got confused and found them again. It was going to be one of those days...or was it?

I won my first moto. Things were good. My next two heats were a tough draw though, and to add to my problems my gears went wrong. I got a 3rd and 4th leaving me with the pressure on in the last heat. I sorted my gears and won it.

I think I only ever made it out of the motos in Senior Men once last year. If that. So to say I was chuffed to make the quarters with 2 wins under my belt was an understatement. Tony da Butcher would have fell over with shock if he'd have been there to see the grin on my face.

I n the quarter I kept with the pack till the first corner and exited in 3rd. I got the second straight pretty good, and was gaining on second....there was a big gap on the inside, I went for it, took second, and before I knew it I was in the semi's. I was over the moon!

I gave it my best shot in the semi, I was 3rd all the way and chasing hard, but just couldn't do enough to make the main. Oh well, I still had a B- main to go for!! I got a great first straight and as we bunched up in the first corner, somehow I swooped from 3rd on the outside to getting my nose in front for first! There was a downside though - to make the move stick, I had to take on a 6ft+ bloke! I tell you what, that split second felt like an age- so many thoughts go through your head in so little time. Either time really did slow down or that voice in my head really is a fast talker. Anyway, I decided it was best to hold off and stay on the bike today, settling for 2nd. It was the best NPS 4X race I have ever ridden. 6th over all out of 27 men. I never expected that.

To top the weekend off I got to watch one of the best races I have seen in a long while. The Elite final was a cracker. Dale and Scott Beaumont were neck and neck down the first straight, I thought Scott made it stick in the corner but Dale appeared first. By the 3rd straight Dale was leading with Scott, Lewis Lacey and Steve Taylor all catching, Scott lined up the winning move in the last corner only for Taylor to spoil the party going for a 4th to first move! Dale came out in the lead with Lewis gaining, carrying loads of speed and looking like he would walk past Dale to take the win in his elite debut. But sadly for him, Dale shut the door on the final jumps. Great race!!

Roll on Chicksands :o)

*Big thanks to Joolze Dymond for sending me the photographs!*

Check out the race report at Descent-World:

French Trip '07

7 Days. 10 Riders. 20 Tracks.

This was one of the best weeks of my life. A week of bikes, sun, fun and friends. We rode all day every day on some of the best BMX tracks you can imagine.....simply amazing!!

I'll let the photos do the talking....

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