Wednesday, January 24, 2007

3rd at Euro Winter Race - Zwolle, Holland

Last weekend I headed out to Zwolle with Team GB for my first international BMX race in...errm... a long time!! Up until Christmas I worked a full time job, so without much preparation, this seemed like I could be throwing myself in at the deep end!! I just wanted to get out there and get stuck in.

The track didn;t look great when we arrived, there was a long pedally section on the 2nd straight which was a bit odd and a lot of the jumps were too deep and sharp. Turns out it rode that way too, and after practice, some jumps were changed for the better. I had just been getting used to the Pro Gate when I had this to contend with... gate was fine, but the gap between 'watch the gate' and the beeps/lights coming on was ridiculous. They could've played some greensleeves while we waited it was that long.

My gates were pretty awful. Still, I managed 2nd in my motos behind Speedy Ready. The third moto my bad gate really did cause me to get squeezed, though I managed to claw my way back from last to 3rd, which was plenty good enough to make the final.

The final was going to be harder to come back if I didn't get a good gate, with there being 8 riders on the gate. I had gate 3 or something and yeah I must have been pretty much last outta the gate. Somehow was left a clear run though and pulled back to 3rd by the first turn which I kept till the finish. Shanaze walked away with the win, wowing the crowd with her third straight manual, with the Danish girl in 2nd. It was a bit weird having not raced for so long, I didn't recognise many names except my GB team mates and dutch 4Xer Anneke Beerten who was also back on a BMX. Was nice to see another familiar face!

On Sunday I woke up feeling pretty crook and wasn't well enough to race, so I had to join the walking wounded of Bloomy and Liam and sit this one out. Liam had somebody ride into him after sliding out in Saturdays practice, turns out he cracked his shoulder blade. Ouch....wishing a speedy recovery to them both!

I've been shivering with illness for the last couple of days since I got back, but I think I am finally starting to shake it off now!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sheffield Indoor

With so much rain last week I was pretty sure the weekend would be a wash out, so I made plans to spend the weekend in sheffield to ride the indoor. The second round of the Dialled Bikes race series was on Saturday, so I raced against the boys in 19+. Looking at the moto sheets I knew it was gonna be tough, and I had a hard workout in the gym the day before so I wasn't sure how I'd feel! I did better than I thought though and got 4th 2nd 4th to make it through to the semis. In the semi I was outside and got shoved up the first turn, I finished 4th, only one place off the final. I was pretty chuffed!

Stu and me stayed in sheffield saturday night and had a really good curry in Dodworth, Stu's madras brought a tear to his eye! On sunday we rode the track with Jay, Paddy and Steve. I spent the day having fun jumping about on the 3rd straight, as in racing the day before I manualed it cause it was quicker.

Here's a quick vid fron the third straight and my moto where I got 2nd.

Christmas Eve Trails

Here is a pic Ross Tricker sent me of everyone at the trails on Christmas Eve. Fun day that was!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Track

It's raining today. Booo. Here's a little video from 'The Track' in Cornwall, when I was riding in the summer sunshine.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

New Years Day always seems to be sunny....but cold and windy! Gym was shut so I did my training session on the driveway. I headed over to the trails in the afternoon but they had been badly hit by the last couple of days of rain, I've never seen them so bad. The puddles were drying out, but there were big lumps at silt at the bottom of the lips and landings. After 5 of us put in an hours work, amazingly most of the lines were rideable. I overjumped everything to begin with on my new light bike, but once I got used to not pulling up so hard it was great!

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